Girl with the Pearl Earring By Johannes Vermeer
  • Vermeer Family Top Picture Vicki, Casi and Fred
    2012 Myrtle Beach Vacation.
  • Vermeer Family Top Picture Fred, Chad and Vicki
    2006 Chad High School Graduation.
  • Vermeer Family Top Picture Vanessa, Davy and GertJan
    2010 Veenendaal.
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The Vermeer's Family Website

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Welcome Family and Friends


You are about to meet an extraordinary family - The Vermeers -.


The Vermeer's are of Dutch descent and this part of the family originated in Utrecht, Holland. Only one true Vermeer (Fred!) resides in the States as the majority of his family still live in The Netherlands. The family that you will see on these web pages started when Fred Vermeer and Vicki Lynn Lanier Vermeer met.

Since Fred is Dutch and Vicki is American, we are a very diverse family! And since we are such a diverse family, you should go to each separate page to view our entire family. Just click on a name at the top to go directly to a member of our family.


Visit the Lanier family. The Laniers descended from 3 brothers who migrated from France, to Philadelphia, and then moved further south. Being French could explain why the Laniers can be temperamental from time to time, not to mention stubborn! But rest assured, when a Lanier makes up his or her mind to do something, nothing can stand in their way. Click on The Laniers name at the top to go directly to this family.


Thanks for visiting us! Now this is a family you don't want to miss! The Robinsons descended from Ireland as The Sons of Robin and they are a very large family indeed! Click on The Robindons name at the top to go directly to this family.


Thank you for your interest in us! Meet The Van De Weerthofs, Vanessa and Gertjan started their family when they married in 1999. The v.d. Weerthofs are an original Dutch family. Visit the v.d. Weerthof page to learn more about this interesting family.


When you are finished, please take a moment to fill out our guest book. We would love to have your comments so that we can improve our website in the future. We hope you enjoy our site and thank you for visiting us!

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